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What is National SEO and How Can It Impact Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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Today, your business is not just competing with the local businesses around the corner. You are competing with businesses from around the globe. To be able to grow your business effectively, your digital marketing plan needs to incorporate more than just a local strategy.

The right SEO strategies can build brand awareness, boost website traffic, and get people talking about your business. By combining local and national SEO strategies as part of your digital marketing campaign, you can truly take your business to the next level.

While local SEO is necessary to build your customer base in your community, national SEO allows you to reach customers who might not be geographically close but still fit your target customer profile. What is national SEO, and how can you incorporate it into your digital marketing plan?

What is National SEO?

National SEO focuses less on ranking your business for specific geographical areas and more on broad keyword rankings. Additionally, there is more competition because your business is moving into broad keywords. That means your national SEO marketing strategy needs to be methodical and robust.

More effort is involved in getting your business ranked with national SEO, so it takes a greater investment of time and capital. Still, it can greatly extend your business’s reach and grow your customer base.

Who Benefits from National SEO

While some businesses benefit more from local SEO, others can greatly benefit from adding national SEO to their digital marketing strategy. For instance, an e-commerce business can expand its customer base by tapping into a global customer base. Small and medium-sized businesses can reach a broader audience than they might in a simple brick-and-mortar location.

Roughly 93% of online experiences and website traffic start at a search engine, so your online sales will benefit from a higher ranking of keywords that are relevant to your business. Plus, traditional advertising is losing effectiveness, as people are more away from newspapers and standard TV with regular commercial breaks. Incorporating national SEO can provide a strategy to reach your target audience where they are, which is online.

How to Use National SEO

Incorporating national SEO strategies begins with advanced keyword research strategies, allowing you to enhance your content and appeal to a wider audience. Long-tail keywords can also help to make queries more specific to what you offer instead of just using general terms that could apply to your business and all of your competitors.

Your focus should be on your brand or business name first in your national SEO strategy. With the right local SEO strategy in place, you will make getting your business name ranked through your national SEO strategy a little easier.

Infographics and visual media can also showcase valuable information that can appeal to potential customers as they look through their search engine results. Also, ensure that your website is mobile-friendly since today’s customers are using their phones to find your business more than ever before.

Researching your keywords can give you an idea of what people are looking for and how you can tailor your content to answer their questions. You also need to gauge the intent of your target customer. Yes, it helps to create informative content, but you also want to attract individuals ready to make the decision to purchase.

To get the best results with a national SEO strategy, you must consistently post content that appeals to your target audience. Using guest writers, for instance, can help you to build your content while also giving you a chance to promote your business.

With Google being the leader among search engines, many businesses try to figure out how to rank higher using Google analytics and other tools. By focusing your content on providing more in-depth information, you can rank better simply because you deliver the best query answer.

If your content is brief and cookie-cutter, then even stuffing it with keywords might not give you the impact your business needs. While longer isn’t always better, providing in-depth information that is better than what is currently available will help move you up the rankings.

Providing quality content can lead to editorial backlinks, social shares, increased website traffic, and more. That will help your business to grow its ranking at a national level.

Our team works with many small and medium-sized businesses throughout the country to provide quality digital marketing strategies, including national SEO. We can work with your business to find the right content strategy, delivering quality content that answers your customers’ questions.

Contact us today to learn more about the digital marketing options available for your business.

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