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How to Promote Your Website and Fashion Business Online

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 promote your website

With millions of websites creating exciting new content every single day, you have to think outside the box to draw traffic to your site.

Are you curious to find new ways to promote your website in 2018?
Go beyond the simple digital marketing tactics used by countless users right now, such as word of mouth and attending networking events.
Read on to discover the top tips we can offer you to market your fashion business online.

1. Facebook Advertisements Help Promote Your Website

Not only can you catch up with your friends on social media platforms such a Facebook, but you can use its popularity to your advantage.
Take Facebook advertisements for example.
You can publish your best, most engaging content on your fashion business Facebook page and promote it. The audience you decide on will instantly see your advertisement blending into their current newsfeed.
Pay as little as $5 to promote your content using Facebook. Obviously, the more money you put into the ad will give you a greater result, but start small to see what new traffic your ad brings to your website.

2. Use Pinterest

Another way to inject your colorful content onto the Internet is through Pinterest. This platform is all about pretty pictures. Make sure you create infographics that are appealing to the eye.
You can use graphics creation websites, such as Canva, to create your very own custom infographics to post on Pinterest. What makes Pinterest so great is how connective it becomes once you start using it.
You can join boards where thousands of other like-minded pinners can add their own content to cross promote each other. One viral pin of yours can take off and draw more views back to your fashion business. Remember to share the love! Post other people’s content just as much as you post your own.
Let’s say you just launched a new spring line of shoes. Take a captivating shot of the shoes out at the beach and post it to Pinterest in one of your group boards. If the photo is high-quality and breathtaking, it will immediately start to get re-pinned by many other people because they love it, too.

3. Send Out Freebies

One more approach to building lasting relationships with your customers is to send them freebies.
People are eager to try out brand new products, and if you pursue influencers or people with a large following on sites like YouTube, consider mailing them samples. No matter what items you decide to send them, even cozy Yo Sox Funky Socks, include a thoughtful note explaining how they can promote your product online.
Encourage these influencers to respond back to you with their honest feedback, too.
Let the influencers enjoy the samples and write reviews of them onto a page on your fashion business website.
Did you know how important reviews are for driving higher sales to your site? Reading positive reviews about a business increases the trust between the consumer and the business. 32% of people read one to three reviews of a business.

4. Instagram Your Brand

One of the best tools you can use to promote your website, and it’s 100% free, is Instagram.
It’s become a mega social media platform for engaging with customers in real-time. This place will act as one of the best forms of communication between the back-end of the business you run and the real people who order your products.
Instagram has millions of users worldwide, so make sure to tag your products whenever you post a new photo. Come up with your own specific hashtags for your customers to use when they are seen wearing your items, too.
Spread the word about your awesome new products online by using Instagram, another great free tool to promote your website in minutes.

5. Improve Your SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which refers to how well your website ranks on Google. Having a high rank on Google means your website is known as a trustworthy site.
Search engine results matter when thinking about easy ways to send organic traffic to your fashion website. Include powerful links within the content of your site to boost your SEO ranking, too.
It takes time to improve your SEO ranking, but you can improve your search ranking once you embed more reliable sources into your website content pages.
Increase exposure in a manner that stays in line with respecting Google’s search authority. You need to follow these rules put in place by Google, as they have the power to help your site make it to the first page.

6. Include an About Section

One final tip to promote your website is to include an about section.
People will immediately click on this section of your website to understand where your company is from and who is behind the website.
Making sales is personal. You need to work and focus your time and energy on becoming a place where customers are eager to return whenever you update your website with new products each year.
Spending thousands of dollars on marketing your clothing and accessories is just one part of the online shopping puzzle. Loyalty is something you build over time, and you can’t buy it.
Make sure your about section tells a story about you as a business owner. Include your name, where you were raised, and any examples of why you are certified to sell products online. If you attended college, include your stats here, too. Your customer should see you as another human being. Your website ought to be a place of bonding over a love for fashion, instead of just another regular platform to make sales.
Create a community full of loyal customers who love your products and are willing to provide honest feedback to tell other first-time customers why they should stay and look around at your products until they find something they love, too.

Want to Know How To Run a Successful Website?

Driving traffic to your fashion website can be accomplished once you complete a few Facebook ads, set up a Pinterest account to make your content go viral, engage with your audience through Instagram, and improve your SEO ranking.
Your website, or blog, will be raking in the revenue in no time as soon as you stick to our marketing techniques that will work. Read our impressive content strategy articles for more help to promote your website.

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